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Since the beginning I have had a way with words. I started writing when I was 8. Wrote my first short stories when I was 10. “The Snow Crickets” and “Non-Oklahoma” were two short stories I wrote. Then I scribbled bad things about my parents in my diaries for the next 5 years and add in some awkward teenage angsty growing pains, a broken home, injustice, loneliness and a deep love for music the following 10 years and god damn I was a fucking magnificent poet. I turned 18 and since I had, and have, a deep love of current events of all sorts I wrote many a fiery opinionated rant about politics. At 18 I was excited about 1.) being able to buy my own cigarettes and 2.) vote. I wanted to weigh in on everything and hear others opinions, research those opinions, correct any misinformation and then, only then, write my own take on the woes of the country. The United States of America.
Of course I identified myself, as most 18 year olds do, as democrat because we all know over the…

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